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Tech-Portal site is made for customers' technical issues management. 


Customers must visit Tech-Portal when you create a ticket.

• Tech-Portal is running the email account,, as outgoing only.



How to SIGN UP. (How to make an account.)



   • Click ‘SIGN UP’ button on the right-top side of the page.

Fill the blanks using your information.

Click ‘REGISTER’ button.



If you see this message, click ‘LOGIN’ button on the right-top side of the page.




  •   Click ‘Forgot your password?’

  • Click ‘RESET MY PASSWORD’ button. 
  • Reset your password as following the system’s guide.

• Trouble shooting of SIGN UP

  • Even if ‘SIGN UP’ is processed normally, if you see the message, “You are not authorized to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator”, please let us know (


 Create a ticket

How to create a ticket. 


When you create a ticket, you

  can ….

  • add “Add cc” which you want to share the issue with.
  • attach a file through “+Attach a file”. (Please check the file size)
  • share an issue with automatically.