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Biometric verification for mulitple template data in a single API

Dear Xperix,

We are currently in the midst of biometric API integration (Device Name: Biometric Slim 3) for our customer product. The problem that we have face right now is to verify fingerprint for multiple template data using a single API. We have check all the possible ways to handle this issue but still not yet found the right one in the BioMini document. Thus we are here seeking your help to suggest any possible ways for us to implement biometric verification for multiple template data.

Currently, we are using API-GET:/db/verifyTemplate?dummy="+Math.random() to verify fingerprint. But this one support for one template data only. Let say we have 10 template data that were stored in our local DB, we need to loop the template data one-by-one and each loop need to call API-GET:/db/verifyTemplate?dummy="+Math.random() which is it will trigger Biometric device 10 times and we think this is not quite effective to do biometric verification.

Appreciate your assistance to guide us to solve this issue. Any advices are much appreciated.


Khairul Safie




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