Setting Sleep Mode on Android app 

AutoSleep of BMS-2(BM-Slim2) is a smart sleep. If it is set, it will work normally as an idle status. 

AutoSleep working scenario is ...

=> Sleep status > run Capture Single > Wake-up > Capturing > Go into Sleep status

If you want to check the device's current, you may test and measure it using ‘multi-meter’ device which can measure current.

Unfortunately, we didn’t implement AutoSleep in SDK for Windows but we did AutoSleep in SDK for Android.

Q) As far as we can see your device do not implement suspend/resume as per Windows recommendation for USB devices. This is a very useful functionality particularly in mobile environment, I am sure you understand. Do you see which feature suspend/resume I speak about and may I know the reason why you did not implement this feature ?

A) BMS-2(BM-Slim2) AutoSleep is not regard with suspend/resume system. It is BMS-2 own feature.

On the other hand, because BMS-2(BM-Slim2) has USB-IF certificate, BMS-2 is working with USB suspend and resume power policy.

Range of working Voltage and Power Consumption