BMCBioMini ComboContact card onlyContact vs. Contactless vs. SIM
BMCDBioMini Combo DualContact card + Contactless card 


PC/SCPersonal Computer / Smart Card
ISO 7816Identification Cards-Integrated Circuit(s) Card with contacts
ISO 14443Identification Cards- Remote Coupling Communication Cards


- Driver installing

The attached pdf document.

-Spec Link

- Issue : sometimes, the device sometimes cannot read a contactless card.  

If the computer is a kind of miniPC and it has a feature like below (e.g. ‘PC-eSIM’), the device sometimes cannot read a contactless card until the computer is rebooted.



From Google searching : We could search some issue about smart card and the computer which has a kind of e-SIM on Google. If you can find ‘Software devices’ on the computer's Device Manager and can find ‘Uicc Iso Device’, please try to disable Uicc Iso Device. However if you still meet the same issue, since it is not BMCD issue, you need to contact the computer's manufacture.